In a bid to encourage more women to take up tri, 220 Triathlon has teamed up with Limelight Sports and Her Spirit to recruit, train and support 20 women through their first triathlon experience at London Triathlon on Saturday 27 July 2019.


Here’s why we named London Tri one of the best triathlons for beginners in the UK

So if you have, or know someone who has, always wanted to take up tri then read on!

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Interested? Here’s what you need to be able to do:

Be able to swim 200m non-stop in the pool. It doesn’t matter what stroke. 
Own your own bike or be able to borrow one.
Be available on 27 July to take part in the 2019 London Triathlon.
Be vocal and let us know what stopped you from doing a triathlon before, what would motivate more women to take part and tell us how we can make the whole experience better.
Provide video an/or written content over the 8-week training period that we can use to inspire more women to get into triathlon. 
Be physically healthy.  Please check with your doctor if you are unsure if this is a suitable event and training experience for you.