2019 NCAA Division II Northern Regional Qualifier Results. February 23rd at Moorhead, Minn.

1 St. Cloud St. 161.0
2 Minnesota St. 86.0
3 Upper Iowa 75.0
4 Wis.-Parkside 71.0
5 Augustana (SD) 61.0
6 MSU Moorhead 59.5
7 Mary 59.0
8 Northern St. 57.0
9 Southwest Minn. St. 52.5
10 Minot St. 44.0

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*NCAA DIII National Championships Qualifiers in Bold

1st Place – Brett Velasquez of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Maleek Williams of Upper Iowa
3rd Place – Cole Jones of MSU Moorhead
4th Place – Dean Arevalo of Minot St.
5th Place – Andrew McFall of Minnesota St.
6th Place – Joe Arroyo of Wis.-Parkside
1st Place: Brett Velasquez (St. Cloud St.) 20-3, RS Sr. over Maleek Williams (Upper Iowa) 21-10, RS Sr. (Dec 10-5)
3rd Place: Cole Jones (MSU Moorhead) 26-8, So. over Dean Arevalo (Minot St.) 3-2, Jr. (Dec 8-4)
5th Place: Andrew McFall (Minnesota St.) 12-5, RS Jr. over Joe Arroyo (Wis.-Parkside ) 25-14, So. (Dec 9-8)

1st Place – Garrett Vos of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Justin Folley of Upper Iowa
3rd Place – Tate Barnhardt of Mary
4th Place – George Farmah of Minnesota St.
5th Place – Airk Furseth of Wis.-Parkside
6th Place – Kenny Jones of Northern St.
1st Place: Garrett Vos (St. Cloud St.) 18-2, RS Fr. over Justin Folley (Upper Iowa) 28-7, Jr. (Dec 19-14)
3rd Place: Tate Barnhardt (Mary) 22-5, Sr. over George Farmah (Minnesota St.) 10-4, Sr. (Dec 7-0)
5th Place: Airk Furseth (Wis.-Parkside ) 25-6, RS Jr. over Kenny Jones (Northern St.) 1-3, So. (Dec 8-6)

1st Place – Travis Swanson of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Louie Sanders of Minnesota St.
3rd Place – Jered Sublet of Minot St.
4th Place – Ryan Schmalen of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Mason Schulz of MSU Moorhead
6th Place – Keaten Schorr of Augustana (SD)
1st Place: Travis Swanson (St. Cloud St.) 24-4, RS Sr. over Louie Sanders (Minnesota St.) 14-5, RS Jr. (Dec 6-0)
3rd Place: Jered Sublet (Minot St.) 3-1, RS Sr. over Ryan Schmalen (Upper Iowa) 13-17, RS Jr. (Dec 3-2)
5th Place: Mason Schulz (MSU Moorhead) 24-18, RS Fr. over Keaten Schorr (Augustana (SD)) 2-3, So. (Fall 1:09)

1st Place – James Pleski of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Kyle Rathman of Minnesota St.
3rd Place – Pernevlon Shepperd of Wis.-Parkside
4th Place – Max Bruss of Mary
5th Place – Tyler Wagener of Augustana (SD)
6th Place – Caden Moore of Northern St.
1st Place: James Pleski (St. Cloud St.) 25-1, RS Jr. over Kyle Rathman (Minnesota St.) 16-3, So. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Place: Pernevlon Shepperd (Wis.-Parkside ) 5-6, RS Sr. over Max Bruss (Mary) 25-12, Fr. (Dec 6-3)
5th Place: Tyler Wagener (Augustana (SD)) 3-2, Fr. over Caden Moore (Northern St.) 1-3, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)

1st Place – Cortez Arredondo of Southwest Minn. St.
2nd Place – Jake Barzowski of St. Cloud St.
3rd Place – Colin Ayers of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Seth Elwood of Minnesota St.
5th Place – Walker Carr of Northern St.
6th Place – Zachary Berry of Minot St.
1st Place: Cortez Arredondo (Southwest Minn. St.) 25-5, RS Sr. over Jake Barzowski (St. Cloud St.) 20-2, RS So. (SV-1 6-4)
3rd Place: Colin Ayers (Augustana (SD)) 3-1, RS Sr. over Seth Elwood (Minnesota St.) 11-7, Sr. (Dec 11-4)
5th Place: Walker Carr (Northern St.) 3-2, RS So. over Zachary Berry (Minot St.) 2-3, Jr. (Dec 7-2)

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1st Place – Devin Fitzpatrick of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Brock Benitz of Upper Iowa
3rd Place – Logan Saltou of Minnesota St.
4th Place – Austin Eichmann of Mary
5th Place – Shane Gantz of Wis.-Parkside
6th Place – Billy Holtan of Northern St.
1st Place: Devin Fitzpatrick (St. Cloud St.) 23-3, RS So. over Brock Benitz (Upper Iowa) 15-5, RS So. (Dec 6-5)
3rd Place: Logan Saltou (Minnesota St.) 18-7, Jr. over Austin Eichmann (Mary) 12-12, Jr. (Dec 5-4)
5th Place: Shane Gantz (Wis.-Parkside ) 17-18, So. over Billy Holtan (Northern St.) 2-3, RS So. (Fall 6:17)

1st Place – Kolton Eischens of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Connor Price of Wis.-Parkside
3rd Place – Phillip Springsteen of Mary
4th Place – Lukas Poloncic of Augustana (SD)
5th Place – Zach Johnston of Minnesota St.
6th Place – Adam Blees of MSU Moorhead
1st Place: Kolton Eischens (St. Cloud St.) 22-2, Jr. over Connor Price (Wis.-Parkside ) 17-7, RS Sr. (Fall 0:50)
3rd Place: Phillip Springsteen (Mary) 17-4, RS So. over Lukas Poloncic (Augustana (SD)) 3-2, RS Sr. (Dec 6-2)
5th Place: Zach Johnston (Minnesota St.) 14-6, Jr. over Adam Blees (MSU Moorhead) 17-12, Sr. (Dec 9-4)

1st Place – Chance Helmick of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Kaden Campbell of Northern St.
3rd Place – Griffin Osing of Southwest Minn. St.
4th Place – James Lehman of Wis.-Parkside
5th Place – Evan Foster of MSU Moorhead
6th Place – Trevor Turriff of Minnesota St.
1st Place: Chance Helmick (St. Cloud St.) 14-0, RS Sr. over Kaden Campbell (Northern St.) 2-1, RS Sr. (Dec 7-3)
3rd Place: Griffin Osing (Southwest Minn. St.) 19-9, RS Sr. over James Lehman (Wis.-Parkside ) 23-8, RS Sr. (SV-1 7-1)
5th Place: Evan Foster (MSU Moorhead) 27-17, RS Fr. over Trevor Turriff (Minnesota St.) 13-7, So. (Inj. 0:00)

1st Place – Vince Dietz of St. Cloud St.
2nd Place – Nick Baumler of Upper Iowa
3rd Place – Clayton Wahlstrom of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Cole Hennen of Southwest Minn. St.
5th Place – Diego Gallegos of Northern St.
6th Place – job Ayala of Wis.-Parkside
1st Place: Vince Dietz (St. Cloud St.) 28-0, RS Sr. over Nick Baumler (Upper Iowa) 21-7, Jr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd Place: Clayton Wahlstrom (Augustana (SD)) 3-1, RS Sr. over Cole Hennen (Southwest Minn. St.) 14-12, RS Jr. (Dec 4-3)
5th Place: Diego Gallegos (Northern St.) 3-2, So. over job Ayala (Wis.-Parkside ) 24-9, Jr. (Dec 12-8)

1st Place – Jordan Will of Minot St.
2nd Place – Jordan Magnuson of MSU Moorhead
3rd Place – Gerardo Jaime of Mary
4th Place – Triston Westerlund of Upper Iowa
5th Place – Noah Ryan of St. Cloud St.
6th Place – Harrison Townsend of Northern St.
1st Place: Jordan Will (Minot St.) 3-0, So. over Jordan Magnuson (MSU Moorhead) 5-5, RS So. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place: Gerardo Jaime (Mary) 20-12, So. over Triston Westerlund (Upper Iowa) 14-5, RS Jr. (SV-1 3-1)
5th Place: Noah Ryan (St. Cloud St.) 18-5, RS Fr. over Harrison Townsend (Northern St.) 1-3, So. (Dec 6-5)