— Carlito indicated on Twitter that he would be interesting in joining WWE or TNA Wrestling. However, he is currently tied to the “Unemployed Wrestling League.”

“For those who keep asking..I would love to go back to WWE but I just signed a long term deal with UWL. For info on UWL go to my bio,” he wrote. “That same answer goes for those asking if I’ll be joining TNA. I hope this clears everything up.”

Carlito has appeared for World Wrestling Council, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración and numerous independent groups since parting ways with WWE last year. He currently reigns as WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion.

–- Skip Sheffield has been removed from the Raw Superstars page on WWE.com. His page is also inaccessible.

This does not necessarily mean that he has parted ways with WWE. The company recently applied to trademark Ryback, which suggests that he will be repackaged with a new character upon his return from injury. Prior to assuming the cowboy persona in WWE’s developmental system, he appeared as Ryback, an indestructible “Terminator” style character billed from “The Future.”

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