Part four of AEW The Road to Double or Nothing is here! You can check out the video above and below!

The video starts with Cody Rhodes talking about the near-instant sellout of Double or Nothing, with fans from all 50 states and 9 different countries buying 11,600 tickets in a matter of a just a few minutes. He also touches on the reports that there were 43,000 people in the virtual line, teasing a bigger venue for future events.

Cody then tells the story of the Over Budget Battle Royale that debuted at ALL IN, where they literally had to sell pieces of the ring in order to pay the wrestlers that competed in it, because they wanted everyone to be on the show. He announces that while they’re not exactly “over budget” this time around, the Over Budget Battle Royale will return for Double or Nothing, and while AEW can’t yet announce what the winner will receive, Cody notes that it will be a major incentive.

We then get to see more about Sonny Kiss, his journey into professional wrestling and the early struggles of being an openly gay man in the wrestling business. We are also introduced to UK star Kip Sabian, who started training with the famous Knight family, and has made the transition to becoming a full-time wrestler where he now has to compete or he doesn’t get to support himself.

The final new talent spotlighted is Brandon Cutler, who tells his personal story of coming up the ranks with the Young Bucks, until they took off to become major stars while he essentially got left behind. Cutler talked about giving up wrestling and starting a family, his wife making gear for other wrestlers, and getting back into wrestling in January 2018 in order to start “delivering on his promises” to make life better for his family.

Finally, we cut to a room where Cody is watching the recent video of Chris Jericho talking about the Double or Nothing sellout. The camera continues to zoom in on Cody, who is clearly growing more and more frustrated as he watches Jericho take credit for the tickets sold. His last line is “just give me a second”, as he looks pissed off and the episode fades to black and the AEW logo.

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