Eleven Guantánamo Bay inmates filed a petition in a federal court on Thursday—the 16th anniversary of the arrival of the first prisoners who were captured in the United States’ “War on Terror”—demanding their release from the prison.

The prisoners argued that President Donald Trump’s pledge to keep them there indefinitely is unconstitutional and is based on his “suspicion of and antipathy toward Muslims.”

Even if the court were to assume Petitioners were all captured in similar circumstances—and they were not—the limited purpose for which the laws of war may have authorized their detention at Guantánamo…has long since faded.—Guantánamo Bay inmates”Given President Donald Trump’s proclamation against releasing any petitioners—driven by executive hubris and raw animus rather than by reason or deliberative national security concerns—these petitioners may never leave Guantánamo alive, absent judicial intervention,” reads the petition.

The president has said that unlike former President Barack Obama, he has no plans to release any of the 41 prisoners in the facility, despite the Constitution’s due process clause prohibiting indefinite detention. He has characterized all the inmates as “extremely dangerous people” despite the fact that some of them have been cleared for release and more than two dozen have never been charged with any crime.

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The inmates note that even the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), in which Congress granted the government the right to “use all necessary and appropriate force” to defeat the persons or groups behind the September 11, 2001 attacks, including imprisonment, does not support indefinite detainment: