For a period Alistair was on Tim Don’s Ironman world record pace, but with discretion being the better part of valour, he cooled his jets and concentrated on getting safely across the line and grabbing his Kona qualification. Alistair set a new time of 7:45:20, lowering the old mark by more than six minutes.


“I woke up the day after Kona and I wanted to do another Ironman, so I had two goals coming here. The first was to get around an IRONMAN without capitulating and I was pretty close, so I am happy with that. The second was to qualify for Kona and I have done that, so I am chuffed.”

“This event is fantastic, the sea is beautiful out there and I stood on the beach this morning and it was so calm and the water was gorgeous. The course is beautiful, flat and well organised and well supported. Right out there in the middle of the ‘outback’ there were tri clubs set up and cheering us on.”

“Having Sam Appleton and Clayton Fettell to swim was perfect and I said ‘Let’s get out on the bike and get rolling’. We did that and Sam rode really well, I was pretty impressed with him. He was riding quick.”

“On the run I wanted a bit of space and I didn’t want to get to caught on running to a pace. I just wanted to run to what I kind of felt was comfortable. The first few kms I didn’t feel great but for 20km after that I got into a really nice rhythm. I thought ‘I am flying here’, so I checked myself a little bit and thought ‘No, no, don’t get carried away, you want to finish this and don’t want to be walking the last 10km’.  I pulled it back a little bit and it was good.”

Alistair was very happy with his race and his first trip to the West but he thinks there is still room for improvement and more time to be gained on the quick Busselton course.