Customers who still can’t find a steady job also bought the following:

  • “A Tale of Two Art-History Degrees”

  • “Les Really Miserable”

  • “A Farewell to Coding Boot Camps”

  • “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and the Career I Could’ve Had If I Didn’t Pursue Art History . . . Twice”

  • “The Adventures of Watching ‘Nanny 911’ on a Wednesday Afternoon”

Customers who are still single also bought the following:

  • “One Thousand and One Nights of Getting Ghosted”

  • “A Room with a View Perfect for Stalking My Ex (on Venmo)”

  • “For Whom the New Tinder Match Tolls”

  • “Twenty Thousand Right Swipes Under the Influence”

  • “The Hand’s Tale”

Customers who ordered takeout instead of cooking the food that they just purchased at the grocery store also bought the following:

  • “Waiting for Godot’s Delivery Guy”

  • “$19.84 for a Burrito and Some Chips?!?!”

  • “The Great Fatsby”

  • “A Portrait of the Artist Answering His Door Wearing a ‘Nanny 911’ T-shirt That He Bought from an Unauthorized Facebook Fan Page”

  • “Heart of Expensive Guacamole That’s Already Turned Brown”


Daily Shouts

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The Eight Wedding Invitations You’ll Get This Year

By Willie Muse

America!: Secret Suffragette Accessories

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Customers who spent too much time on their poorly developed Web series instead of finding a job also bought the following:

  • “Sense and Sensibility in Thinking That I Could Actually Make a Web Series”

  • “Great Expectations After Getting Inspired By ‘Nanny 911’ ”

  • “The Broke Lion Actor, the Quirky Witch Roommate, and No Budget for Wardrobe”

  • “Brave New World of Only Two Patreon Donors”

  • “Way Too Much Pride and Prejudice in My Failed Web Series”

Customers who feel their youth vanishing at warp speed also bought the following:

  • “As I Lay Dying After Thirty Seconds of Zumba”

  • “Their Eyes Were Watching My Adult Acne”

  • “Paradise-ish Lost”

  • “The Old Man and the Seamless Deliveries”

  • “One Hundred Years of Contemplating the Possibility That I’ve Peaked Already”

Customers whose friends are more successful than they are also bought the following:

  • “The Picture of Dorian Gray’s New Tesla”

  • “The Sound and the Fury of Seeing Instagram Photos of Kevin on the Set of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ ”

  • “The Sun Also Is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List”

  • “The Count of a Manhattan Apartment That Has More Bathrooms Than You Have Rolls of Toilet Paper”

  • “The World According to Kevin’s New Web Series, Which Is Now Apparently Streaming on Prime Video, FML”

Customers whose ex was right about them also bought the following:

  • “Fear and Loathing in a Two-Hundred-and-Fifty-Foot Studio Apartment That You Can’t Afford to Rent on Your Own”

  • “Of Pet Mice That Have Been Trained to Eat Together at the Table Like a Little Family and Man”

  • “Bury My Heart at Applebee’s Ladies Night”

  • “Mopey Dickhead”

  • “Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper”

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