A masked man debuted at tonight’s TNA pay-per-view in the aftermath of the Black Reign vs. Abyss match-up — which opened up the show. After the match, Abyss unlocked a box and bodybuilder-type wrestler in a Muta/Vader-like mask blew mist in Abyss’ eyes. He and Reign beat up Abyss, put him in the box and threw him off the ramp.

The identity of this person is former WWE/WCW star Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli. He’s gotten a complete makeover since his release from WWE in 2004. He’s doing this horror gimmick on the indy circuit in which his ring name is REDRUM (murder spelled backwards). Sometimes he’ll have a red liquid covering his body, which is supposed to depict blood. Anyway, the gimmick appears to be the same, but the name has changed. His TNA ring name is Crimson Blood.

Stamboli’s name came up in the Signature Pharmacy scandal in late August. Before the news broke, plans were in place for Stamboli to get a tryout match with WWE. He worked a tryout match under the REDRUM gimmick at a house show in the September. However, there has been nothing since then regarding the two parties, so it seems like WWE wasn’t too interested in bringing him back to the company.

See photos of Johnny Stamboli’s new horror gimmick at this link (>>)