Antonio Banderas announced that his mother Ana has died at the age of 84.

The actor, 57, shared a vintage black-and-white photo of her on Twitter Saturday. He captioned the photo with a touching tribute written in Spanish:

“At six o’clock early this morning, our mother Ana Bandera Gallego left us forever,” he wrote. “May God keep her in the place she deserves.”

The actor went on to thank his fans for all of their support, adding that his entire family appreciated their thoughts as well.

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Banderas spoke about his mother during a 2010 appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, saying, “My mother was the youngest of 16 brothers and sisters.” He joked, “That’s how boring life was in Spain 60 years ago. They didn’t have anything to do but that.”

Banderas had previously told ABC News that his mother was an elementary school teacher and was married to a policeman.

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