Army National Guard Prowler Invite
1. Bemidji 201.0
2. Ottertail Central 161.5
3. Park Rapids 157.0
4. Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 151.5
5. Thief River Falls 121.5
6. Totino-Grace 119.0
7. Norwood-Young America 108.0
8. Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 100.0
9. Detroit Lakes 86.0
10. Fertile-Beltrami 74.0
11. New York Mills 70.5
12. Roseau 64.0
13. Prairie Valley 36.0
14. Red Lake County Central 22.0
15. Nashwauk-Keewatin/Greenway 21.0
16. Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-Nevis 14.0
17. Crookston 9.0
18. East Grand Forks/Sacred Heart 3.0

Final Brackets

Results on TrackWrestling

106 Results
1st Place – Ben Naddy of Ottertail Central
2nd Place – Jake Svihel of Totino-Grace
3rd Place – Ashton Clark of Park Rapids
4th Place – Dillon McGee of Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-Nevis
5th Place – Joash Lord of Norwood-Young America
6th Place – Trenten Juelson of BCLB
7th Place – Jake Davis of Thief River Falls
8th Place – Matt Frost of New York Mills
1st: Ben Naddy (Ottertail Central) 25-0, 1st. over Jake Svihel (Totino-Grace) 17-4, Fr. (Dec 10-4).
3rd: Ashton Clark (Park Rapids) 23-2, Fr. over Dillon McGee (Walker-Hackensack-Akeley-Nevis) 19-5, So. (Dec 4-0).
5th: Joash Lord (Norwood-Young America) 18-10, Fr. over Trenten Juelson (BCLB) 18-10, 8th. (Dec 5-3).
7th: Jake Davis (Thief River Falls) 22-6, 8th. over Matt Frost (New York Mills) 23-8, Fr. (Dec 6-3).

113 Results
1st Place – Willie Meine of Fertile-Beltrami
2nd Place – Cade Lundeen of Thief River Falls
3rd Place – Anthony Hennen of Norwood-Young America
4th Place – Josh Clark of Totino-Grace
5th Place – Ben Olson of Roseau
6th Place – Trever Arceneau of Prairie Valley
7th Place – Bryce Bergeron of BGMR
8th Place – Drake Best of Park Rapids
1st: Willie Meine (Fertile-Beltrami) 24-2, Sr. over Cade Lundeen (Thief River Falls) 23-3, Fr. (Dec 7-0).
3rd: Anthony Hennen (Norwood-Young America) 24-5, Sr. over Josh Clark (Totino-Grace) 15-7, So. (Dec 8-2).
5th: Ben Olson (Roseau) 14-9, 7th. over Trever Arceneau (Prairie Valley) 11-7, Fr. (Dec 11-4).
7th: Bryce Bergeron (BGMR) 19-9, So. over Drake Best (Park Rapids) 6-6, Sr. (Dec 7-5).

120 Results
1st Place – Nate Hart of Ottertail Central
2nd Place – Jon Solum of Bemidji
3rd Place – Owen Novacek of BGMR
4th Place – Riley Eidsmoe of Roseau
5th Place – Landon Burlingame of Park Rapids
6th Place – Peter Barth of Norwood-Young America
7th Place – Markus Loger of Totino-Grace
8th Place – Tyler Sandahl of Red Lake County Central
1st: Nate Hart (Ottertail Central) 21-5, So. over Jon Solum (Bemidji) 16-11, So. (Fall 3:19).
3rd: Owen Novacek (BGMR) 21-9, Fr. over Riley Eidsmoe (Roseau) 14-8, So. (MD 12-4).
5th: Landon Burlingame (Park Rapids) 16-7, So. over Peter Barth (Norwood-Young America) 14-16, So. (Fall 4:10).
7th: Markus Loger (Totino-Grace) 11-7, 8th. over Tyler Sandahl (Red Lake County Central) 1-20, Sr. (Fall 0:54).

126 Results
1st Place – Indi Farris of Bemidji
2nd Place – Isaak Isane of BGMR
3rd Place – Payton Jackson of Detroit Lakes
4th Place – Logan Dobmeier of BCLB
5th Place – Matt Bebeau of Totino-Grace
6th Place – Ben Kolling of Red Lake County Central
7th Place – Cody Sele of Thief River Falls
1st: Indi Farris (Bemidji) 22-6, Sr. over Isaak Isane (BGMR) 16-10, . (Dec 11-7).
3rd: Payton Jackson (Detroit Lakes) 18-8, . over Logan Dobmeier (BCLB) 10-14, Fr. (Fall 5:02).
5th: Matt Bebeau (Totino-Grace) 12-8, Sr. over Ben Kolling (Red Lake County Central) 3-8, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th: Cody Sele (Thief River Falls) 8-15, Fr. over () , . (Bye).

132 Results
1st Place – Zeke Dodge of Norwood-Young America
2nd Place – Nolan Booge of Park Rapids
3rd Place – Quinten Desrosier of Fertile-Beltrami
4th Place – Colton Hinrichs of Bemidji
5th Place – James Holen of Ottertail Central
6th Place – Charlie Fox of New York Mills
7th Place – Chandler Mooney of Roseau
8th Place – Andy Dostal of BGMR
1st: Zeke Dodge (Norwood-Young America) 19-7, Jr. over Nolan Booge (Park Rapids) 17-7, Jr. (MD 14-2).
3rd: Quinten Desrosier (Fertile-Beltrami) 14-5, Sr. over Colton Hinrichs (Bemidji) 6-7, 7th. (Fall 2:49).
5th: James Holen (Ottertail Central) 18-10, Jr. over Charlie Fox (New York Mills) 18-6, So. (Fall 4:23).
7th: Chandler Mooney (Roseau) 17-6, Fr. over Andy Dostal (BGMR) 5-9, . (MD 10-2).

138 Results
1st Place – Wallace Michels of Norwood-Young America
2nd Place – Braydon Ortloff of Detroit Lakes
3rd Place – Sam Naddy of Ottertail Central
4th Place – Trevor Undeberg of BGMR
5th Place – Jared Sunram of Park Rapids
6th Place – Chance Hinrichs of Bemidji
7th Place – Preston Desrosier of Crookston
8th Place – Kyle Fowler of Thief River Falls
1st: Wallace Michels (Norwood-Young America) 28-0, Jr. over Braydon Ortloff (Detroit Lakes) 14-4, . (Dec 6-3).
3rd: Sam Naddy (Ottertail Central) 20-3, Sr. over Trevor Undeberg (BGMR) 19-10, Sr. (Dec 10-5).
5th: Jared Sunram (Park Rapids) 20-5, Jr. over Chance Hinrichs (Bemidji) 19-11, Fr. (Dec 7-1).
7th: Preston Desrosier (Crookston) 12-10, Jr. over Kyle Fowler (Thief River Falls) 14-14, Jr. (Dec 5-0).

145 Results
1st Place – Nick Kaml of BGMR
2nd Place – Josh Bernier of Thief River Falls
3rd Place – Parker Beyer of Bemidji
4th Place – Bryce Smith of Nashwauk-Keewatin-Greenway
5th Place – Logan Johnson of Park Rapids
6th Place – Alex Erlandson of Ottertail Central
7th Place – Michael Juelson of BCLB
8th Place – Taylor Thompson of New York Mills
1st: Nick Kaml (BGMR) 26-4, . over Josh Bernier (Thief River Falls) 25-2, So. (Dec 9-8).
3rd: Parker Beyer (Bemidji) 18-9, Jr. over Bryce Smith (Nashwauk-Keewatin-Greenway) 17-9, Fr. (Fall 3:47).
5th: Logan Johnson (Park Rapids) 14-9, Jr. over Alex Erlandson (Ottertail Central) 6-11, So. (MD 13-3).
7th: Michael Juelson (BCLB) 7-16, So. over Taylor Thompson (New York Mills) 8-11, Sr. (Fall 2:56).

152 Results
1st Place – Coy Thorson of Ottertail Central
2nd Place – Devin Dostal of BGMR
3rd Place – Will Savre of Totino-Grace
4th Place – Austin Baker of Detroit Lakes
5th Place – Mason Preston of BCLB
6th Place – Corey McAllister of Bemidji
7th Place – Brett Kleindl of Norwood-Young America
8th Place – Tom Leeseberg of Prairie Valley
1st: Coy Thorson (Ottertail Central) 24-1, Sr. over Devin Dostal (BGMR) 16-6, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
3rd: Will Savre (Totino-Grace) 15-7, Jr. over Austin Baker (Detroit Lakes) 17-9, . (Dec 19-17).
5th: Mason Preston (BCLB) 6-1, Jr. over Corey McAllister (Bemidji) 6-11, Jr. (Dec 4-0).
7th: Brett Kleindl (Norwood-Young America) 16-14, Sr. over Tom Leeseberg (Prairie Valley) 13-14, Sr. (Dec 5-2).

160 Results
1st Place – Justin Dravis of Park Rapids
2nd Place – Mason Frenzel of BCLB
3rd Place – Nick Peterson of Bemidji
4th Place – Noah Hawkins of Thief River Falls
5th Place – Carter Walch of Totino-Grace
6th Place – Chris Moser of Fertile-Beltrami
7th Place – Johnny Flynn of New York Mills
8th Place – Damian Hodgson of Crookston
1st: Justin Dravis (Park Rapids) 22-4, Jr. over Mason Frenzel (BCLB) 8-2, Sr. (Dec 6-0).
3rd: Nick Peterson (Bemidji) 19-8, Jr. over Noah Hawkins (Thief River Falls) 11-8, Jr. (Dec 4-1).
5th: Carter Walch (Totino-Grace) 6-3, . over Chris Moser (Fertile-Beltrami) 17-6, Sr. (Fall 1:00).
7th: Johnny Flynn (New York Mills) 13-14, Jr. over Damian Hodgson (Crookston) 11-11, Fr. (Dec 3-0).

170 Results
1st Place – Hunter Schoenborn of Bemidji
2nd Place – Blake Skogstad of Roseau
3rd Place – Brenan Peralta of Thief River Falls
4th Place – Zach Nelson of Park Rapids
5th Place – Jake Erckenbrack of New York Mills
6th Place – Cody Olson of BGMR
7th Place – Dylan Schleske of Ottertail Central
8th Place – Kole Platt of Nashwauk-Keewatin-Greenway
1st: Hunter Schoenborn (Bemidji) 20-7, So. over Blake Skogstad (Roseau) 10-2, Jr. (Fall 2:22).
3rd: Brenan Peralta (Thief River Falls) 11-7, Fr. over Zach Nelson (Park Rapids) 15-8, Jr. (Dec 6-1).
5th: Jake Erckenbrack (New York Mills) 24-6, . over Cody Olson (BGMR) 8-10, Sr. (Dec 8-6).
7th: Dylan Schleske (Ottertail Central) 11-6, Sr. over Kole Platt (Nashwauk-Keewatin-Greenway) 9-10, Fr. (Fall 1:39).

182 Results
1st Place – Jared Florell of Totino-Grace
2nd Place – Gannon Strain of Bemidji
3rd Place – Josh McKeown of Prairie Valley
4th Place – Wyatt Beauchane of Fertile-Beltrami
5th Place – Hunter Roller of Thief River Falls
6th Place – Seth Dostal of BGMR
7th Place – Mason Friederichs of New York Mills
8th Place – Ramon Lopez – Moen of Ottertail Central
1st: Jared Florell (Totino-Grace) 16-2, Jr. over Gannon Strain (Bemidji) 18-2, Sr. (Dec 11-4).
3rd: Josh McKeown (Prairie Valley) 20-3, Jr. over Wyatt Beauchane (Fertile-Beltrami) 19-6, Jr. (Fall 3:13).
5th: Hunter Roller (Thief River Falls) 12-13, Jr. over Seth Dostal (BGMR) 6-7, . (Dec 5-2).
7th: Mason Friederichs (New York Mills) 6-5, . over Ramon Lopez – Moen (Ottertail Central) 3-7, So. (Dec 6-2).

195 Results
1st Place – Sam Erckenbrack of New York Mills
2nd Place – Hunter Wilcowski of BCLB
3rd Place – Connor Swanson of Thief River Falls
4th Place – Matt Heurung of Totino-Grace
5th Place – Collin Berard of BGMR
6th Place – Brodie Wensloff of Roseau
7th Place – Keith McDaniel of Park Rapids
8th Place – Nick Pahlen of Red Lake County Central
1st: Sam Erckenbrack (New York Mills) 25-1, . over Hunter Wilcowski (BCLB) 19-6, So. (Dec 7-3).
3rd: Connor Swanson (Thief River Falls) 10-8, So. over Matt Heurung (Totino-Grace) 7-8, . (Fall 3:52).
5th: Collin Berard (BGMR) 7-4, Jr. over Brodie Wensloff (Roseau) 9-10, Fr. (Dec 6-1).
7th: Keith McDaniel (Park Rapids) 4-5, Jr. over Nick Pahlen (Red Lake County Central) 9-15, So. (Fall 1:58).

220 Results
1st Place – Wyatt Yoemans of Bemidji
2nd Place – Jacob Bittmann of Park Rapids
3rd Place – Daniel Ukkelberg of Ottertail Central
4th Place – Jorgen Qualley of Fertile-Beltrami
5th Place – Ethan Halvorson of Thief River Falls
6th Place – Sage Humphrey of BCLB
7th Place – Jessie Roberts of New York Mills
8th Place – Issac Flores of EGFSH
1st: Wyatt Yoemans (Bemidji) 23-6, Sr. over Jacob Bittmann (Park Rapids) 15-5, Jr. (Fall 3:30).
3rd: Daniel Ukkelberg (Ottertail Central) 9-4, Sr. over Jorgen Qualley (Fertile-Beltrami) 15-9, Sr. (Fall 2:33).
5th: Ethan Halvorson (Thief River Falls) 10-15, Sr. over Sage Humphrey (BCLB) 3-2, So. (Fall 3:58).
7th: Jessie Roberts (New York Mills) 17-6, . over Issac Flores (EGFSH) 14-5, Sr. (M. For.).

285 Results
1st Place – James Huwe of Detroit Lakes
2nd Place – Brody Wilander of Bemidji
3rd Place – Ely Novacek of BGMR
4th Place – Chris Baxter of Park Rapids
5th Place – Nick Forner of Norwood-Young America
6th Place – Ben Cole of Ottertail Central
7th Place – Tristan Larson of Red Lake County Central
8th Place – Chase Johnson of BCLB
1st: James Huwe (Detroit Lakes) 24-1, . over Brody Wilander (Bemidji) 20-7, . (Fall 2:47).
3rd: Ely Novacek (BGMR) 26-4, Sr. over Chris Baxter (Park Rapids) 17-5, . (Fall 1:57).
5th: Nick Forner (Norwood-Young America) 19-9, Jr. over Ben Cole (Ottertail Central) 14-11, . (Fall 3:31).
7th: Tristan Larson (Red Lake County Central) 20-4, Sr. over Chase Johnson (BCLB) 13-13, So. (Fall 3:30).

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