Augsburg University is a well-known quantity in the world of men’s college wrestling. The 2019 NCAA Div. III National champions, the Auggies have won 13 national titles in its history and is considered a top contender year after year after year.

Guess what? Augsburg is also looking to be a national power in women’s college wrestling, as well. The head women’s wrestling coach Max Mejia leads his team into its first-ever competition at the Waldorf University Open on Saturday, November 9.

With women’s college wrestling exploding, and the NCAA voting later this year to consider giving the sport Emerging Sport Status, there is a ton of excitement, not only at Augsburg but across the nation. Augsburg is jumping in feet first, based upon the quality of its first recruiting class, featuring some of the best high school wrestlers in the nation.

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“Anytime you see a program with a tradition of excellence, as on the men’s side we have as 13-time national champions, you know that program will be supported by the administration, the athletic director and all the way up to the president. They are willing to do what it takes to support your program to be the best it can possibly be. That is a leg-up we have on everybody. The girls know that when they come here, Augsburg is committed to excellence, especially in wrestling,” said Mejia. Continue reading at