— KGW Channel 8 in Portland, Oregon features a story on John Cena meeting Jeremiah Neubaum, a local teenager, at Monday’s Raw SuperShow at the Rose Garden.

When Jeremiah was a baby, his babysitter shook him. He suffered severe brain damage and his prognosis was grim. “The paramedics didn’t think he’d live to see the hospital,” said Dena Neubaum, Jeremiah’s mother. “If he did he wouldn’t talk or walk or do anything.” He defied the odds and he found himself at Raw Monday night.

“I got to meet John Cena in person,” he said. “That was awesome.”

— Former WWE Superstar Carlito wrote on Twitter regarding Monday’s Raw SuperShow, “RAW was watchable again tonight!”

— Santino Marella, Daniel Bryan and Kelly Kelly react to Raw SuperShow events in the latest episode of Backstage Fallout.

*PHOTO* of The Rock having notes on his arm on Raw