While speculation remains regarding Brock Lesnar ‘no showing’ WWE Raw last night, WWE.com has published the following article claiming to have reached out to Paul Heyman regarding Lesnar’s Raw absence:

After Universal Champion Brock Lesnar failed to meet his WrestleMania challenger, Roman Reigns, face-to-face on this week’s Raw, WWE.com reached out to The Beast’s advocate for an explanation or, at the very least, a rebuttal to The Big Dog’s incendiary critique of the champion on the broadcast. Unfortunately, Heyman has not responded to requests for comment.

Reporters have also contacted the office of Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, but following Triple H’s attack on the WWE Hall of Famer in the wake of Stephanie McMahon’s confrontation with Ronda Rousey, Angle remains unavailable.

Stay with WWE.com as more details on Lesnar become available.

WWE also Tweeted the following which drew a response from Heyman:

Paul @HeymanHustle has some explaining to do regarding @BrockLesnar's absence from #RAW last night…or does he? https://t.co/F5PvlDoguP’t-brock-lesnar-on-raw-as-scheduled?sf183101218=1

— WWE (@WWE) February 27, 2018

Cute spin @WWE. By the way, the link doesn't work. How will YOU explain THAT? https://t.co/vkfF31UiXT

— Paul Heyman (@HeymanHustle) February 27, 2018

Furthermore, PWInsider.com is confirming an earlier report which noted Lesnar was indeed written into the script for last night’s Raw, and the plan was for Lesnar and Roman Reigns to have a long back-and-forth promo segment.

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The segment was reportedly set to air in the second hour of Raw, with Lesnar at one point scripted to call Reigns a “b**ch”. However, neither Brock Lesnar nor Paul Heyman were in Anaheim for Raw yesterday, so creative plans were of course changed.

PWInsider further speculated that with Lesnar’s WWE contract expiring after WrestleMania 34, he might have no-showed Raw as a hardball negotiating tactic with WWE, or WWE officials might have told him not to come to Raw if they were upset with the photo of him and Dana White together in Las Vegas on the night of Elimination Chamber. It should be noted that the above two hypotheses are pure speculation, and have not been confirmed.