An anonymous veteran wrestler who is considered very respected within the industry when it comes to analyzing matches, noticed several interesting things about the current “Diva Revolution” in WWE.

One of the problems is that the women get worse in the ring on the main roster because three nights a week they are doing five-to-eight minute multiple-person matches, which means they generally do a couple of their regular spots and moves, as opposed to actually “working.”

He also noted that because Team Bella flip-flops from heel to babyface so often, it’s hard for a fresh new act like Sasha Banks to get over in a match working with someone like Nikki Bella as the established act that is supposed to help get her over to the main roster audience.

Finally, the person saw what was basically a promo from Becky Lynch and Charlotte on Twitter, and noted that it was a considerable amount better than their RAW promos because they were just being themselves.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)