Guardians of The Galaxy cast members Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn sat in with Batista for a Q&A session at Awesome Con in Washington, D.C last weekend. Here are some of the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc):
Rumors about potential return:
“I hope so.

Memorable moment as part of Evolution:

“Well, off-screen, I wouldn’t be able to tell you publicly. On-screen, I think it was the time that we were all holding title belts. It was a great shot. It was I think the first time in history that a faction, a wrestling faction like that had like every world title. That was a moment that Randy (Orton) and I had arrived. You’ve probably seen the shot a million times where we were on stage, all holding the belts.”
CM Punk writing issues of Drax:
“Yeah I think it’s great, I think it’s really great. Actually when he first got the gig we communicated back and forth. He actually sent me and made sure I had the first edition. I think he’s really incredibly talented and I hope people can (check it out).”