An effort to put a moratorium on fracking in the state of California failed to pass the state Senate on Wednesday following a spending blitz by the energy industry.

With an 18-16 vote, the bill, brought forth by Senator Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), was three votes shy of what it needed to move forward. The Sacramento Bee‘s Capital Alert blog reports that that “four business-friendly Democrats voted against” the moratorium and three other Democrats abstained.

A poll released last week showed that 68 percent of Californians supported the moratorium, but big oil has been pouring money into the state to counter that sentiment. ThinkProgress reported:

The coalition Californians Against Fracking made the same observation, saying in a statement that the result was “disappointing but not completely unexpected given that the oil industry has spent a whopping $15 million on lobbying activities to defeat the bill and buy influence in Sacramento.”