Photo Credit: has provided some major updates on the planned WWE UK TV show series, which has been in the works for quite sometime now.

According to the new report, WWE is looking to expand the show beyond a WWE Network exclusive, and is currently in talks with UK broadcasters. The show is being pitched as UK-centric, to be fully produced in The UK and feature a roster consisting entirely of British characters.

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The report adds the current working title for the show is “WWE King of the Ring”, which is the title of a now defunct PPV and tournament concept. The tournament was last used on WWE TV back in 2015, and was won by Bad News Barrett.

As for potential broadcasting homes for the show, the report notes one of the broadcasters WWE is speaking with is ITV, which used to air World of Sport until the show’s cancellation back in 1985. WOS aired various sports content, and would often air British and European promotions and wrestling matches.

Talks between ITV and WWE have actually been ongoing for awhile now, with WWE attempting, on several occasions, to acquire the World of Sport tape library, but a deal has never been reached.

Impact Wrestling’s Anthem Sports and Entertainment, along with Jeff Jarrett, also nearly reached a deal with ITV, to resurrect the World of Sport show, however that never materialized. A pilot episode for the show was shot, and Jim Ross was onboard as an announcer, but it never got off the ground as ITV and Jarrett were at odds with how the show would be respected. ITV wanted it to be a 10 episode season, whereas Jarrett wanted it to be weekly.

The future of the WWE UK TV series has yet to be finalized, and ITV is far from a lock at this point, but it does appear as if WWE is moving forward with the show concept, and continuing with the development of the project.