source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Bobby Lashley has landed a role for a fight scene in the upcoming movie The Way of Way, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. of Daddy Day Camp fame. The former ECW Champion will fight Omar Gooding’s brother in an underground fight scene. The movie will also feature a background scene of UFC fighters Rich Clementi and Kyle Bradley fighting.

— Hollymood Entertainment has uploaded an extremely rare video clip of Rey Mysterio and Konnan being attacked by wrestling fans during a riot at a professional wrestling show in Mexico. You can watch the clip exclusively at You can also visit Hollymood Entertainment’s new MySpace page at

— Today’s New York Post has a quote from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, saying when he was eight years old, he pretended he was a combination of Elvis, Chuck Norris and Richard Pryor. (ENDQUOTE)

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