TNA Wrestling has a new interview with Booker T on their official website. The interview is very short and seems to be part in-character and part out-of-character, however, below is what I found worth noting:

His thoughts on being in TNA Wrestling: It’s a new environment but it’s the same in a sense. Wrestling is wrestling. Right now I feel like I’m kind of in a time warp. I’m around a bunch of young guys, but it’s great. It’s great and it’s really given me a chance to go out and expand and see how good I really am. Right now everything is going real good and I am just having a lot of fun.

On whether or not he sees himself winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: As far as gold goes, I never catered to the gold or anything, the gold always came to me. Titles are something that have followed me throughout my career. I never really thought about it as far as being heavyweight champion or TV champion earlier in my career. I think it’s all about going out there and putting the work in. As far as titles go if it happens it happens. If it doesn’t happen, Booker T’s career is still set in stone.

Click here to read the full interview.

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