As previously reported, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar & RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey were wearing replica title belts on RAW this past Monday night. Below is a photo comparing Brock Lesnar’s original title belt with the replica belt he wore on RAW this past Monday. The notable difference is the side-plates.


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Brock Lesnar wore a replica WWE Universal Championship belt on #RAW this past Monday, as seen on the right. The original belt is on the left. Can you spot the major difference?
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WWE recently released WWE: Uncaged VII, the latest instalment in a series of previously unreleased music by Former Music Director Jim Johnston. It is available on all digital music platforms. Below is the track listing:

1. Dangerous (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

2. St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Theme (1999)

3. About to Get Raw (2009) [Shaquille O’Neal]

4. Beware the Bull (1991) [Tito Santana]

5. Mount Up (1991) [The Mountie]

6. Blu Brothers (1995)

7. Lives are Going to Change (1995) [Waylon Mercy]

8. Boggo Road (2003) [Nathan Jones]

9. Pirate (1995) [Jean-Pierre Lafitte]

10. Get Rowdy (K-Kwik & Road Dogg)

11. Brawl for All (Event Theme)

12. Problem Solver (Christian)

13. Super Romanio (Roman Reigns TLC Promo)
You can purchase the album on iTunes at this link.

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