We’ve got an update to the story that Hulk Hogan was cheating on his wife Linda with one of Brooke’s friends, Christiane Plante. After hearing the news, Brooke posted a scathing blog on her MySpace page:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Current mood: distressed
Category: Life

I’m going through one of the hardest issues i’ve ever had to deal with in my life…please keep me and my family in your prayers…. I’m continuing work in the studio… I’m sure my writing will reflect my state of mind at the moment. I need all the support i can get. thank you…

love you much,

Brooke later posted the following update, but then deleted it shortly after:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i never thought…

Current mood: sad
Category: Life

When your best friend and one of your closest family members that you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth, betrays you together, you could MAYBE find it in yourself to forgive one day… but you will NEVER forget the hurt they caused you and how it hurt the people who mean the most to you…its the worst feeling in the world to be betrayed. And worse to know you can never trust the one you should be able to…

PICTURE of CHRISTIANE PLANTE – The Woman Hulk Cheated on Linda With!