The Brownlee Brothers blood test includes the most relevant markers that can both be affected by exercise and affect performance, and is aimed to offer people a broader understanding of their body, enabling them to take control of their health and physical performance.


Alistair Brownlee said: “When we saw the robust approach to health that Werlabs takes, we knew we wanted to get involved and create a blood test that would be of benefit to people whether or not they are athletes.

“To get through the mental and physical wear and tear of our training it is vital that we are in peak condition, both physically and mentally. Together with Werlabs we created this blood test, that looks at over 30 blood values. “It was so interesting to get an insight into what is happening inside our bodies, to ensure we are doing what is right for our health from the inside out.”

Jonny said:  “Our competitive nature is deep within us. Even when we took this blood test, we wanted to ‘out do’ the other one with our blood values! Along with Werlabs, I think it is extremely valuable to push those boundaries and enjoy and embrace our training, knowing we are doing as much as we can for our health and performance. For anyone about to undertake a physical challenge, or those who exercise regularly, this test will show if major organs work properly and that there are no deficiencies which could affect your performance.