WWE informed Silvervision, the U.K. provider of WWE DVDs, yesterday that they are removing all copies of the 2004 WWE DVD release, “Hard Knocks – The Chris Benoit Story,” from sale in the U.S. and it will never be remade. Silvervision has followed suit and removed the Benoit DVD from the website. There are only at a few copies of the DVD available on Amazon.com, although there are nearly 100 copies available on eBay. If you ever want to purchase the DVD, eBay will probably be your only resort.

WWE has removed all articles pertaining to the Benoit family tragedy from their website as of this afternoon. WWE statements still remain on the company’s corporate website, but beyond that, all mentions of Benoit, including archived news articles on his career, photo galleries and merchandise, have been pulled from WWE.com, with the exception of his name in regard to the company’s championship histories. They also removed all videos of any match involving Benoit off of WWE 24/7 Online.

Some people are saying that WrestleMania 23, which was added to WWE 24/7 on Tuesday night, and the “Monday Night Wars” episode from February 3, 1997, were removed from WWE 24/7. I have WWE 24/7 on Comcast, and it wasn’t removed, so this may not affect everyone. Nonetheless, it should be interesting to see if WWE edits out Chris Benoit matches from shows posted on WWE 24/7 in the future.