John Cena recently appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter, and in the above clip Cena talks how important Make-A-Wish is for him.

WWE star and actor John Cena joins SportsCenter to discuss his love of granting Make-A-Wish wishes for kids.

John Cena Releases Comedy ‘PSA’

Below is another clip of Cena appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, during which Cena unveils a new “PSA” addressing drivers who will not inch into the intersection before making a left hand turn.

Coachman On the Pressure Ronda Rousey Is Under at ‘Mania

TMZ recently spoke with WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman, and during the brief interview, which you can watch below, The Coach talks Ronda Rousey’s WrestleMania in-ring debut this Sunday night.

Coach says that although Rousey has been in some of the most high-profile UFC fights in history, nothing can compare to the “pressure cooker” of performing at WrestleMania.

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Coach cites the array of reactions to Rousey coming into WWE, from people being positive about it to people being skeptical about it. But Coach says what people don’t think about is that Rousey is under the tremendous pressure to perform in front of her peers, some of which she is taking a WrestleMania spot from:

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