Former WWE announcer and current ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman thinks the Hell In A Cell match between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker was the true headlining match of WrestleMania 32. Coachman was recently a guest on Jim Ross’ podcast, where he theorized that Shane would get more props as a performer if he weren’t Vince McMahon’s son.

“If he wouldn’t have been Vince’s son, he would be considered one of the great performers of all time,” Coach said. “People want to see Shane jump off the cage or jump off the cell and then go through the table and have that look from Taker before going off the air.”

Ross compared WrestleMania 32 to WrestleMania 18, where The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan may have been considered a higher-profile match, but it didn’t close the show.

“The one thing I would have changed [about WrestleMania 32], and [Ross] will remember this, when Rock and Hogan finally met in Toronto, and that was the year they decided that the championship was going to mean everything,” Coachman said, “and so, Triple H and [Chris] Jericho went after that match. Such a mistake! That match was epic. It was 45 minutes of brilliance and the play-by-play was brilliant. And I thought, ‘this is going to be Toronto all over again.’ That’s what it felt like to me.”

Coachman also discussed whether he would ever return to WWE, and the company’s relationship with his current employers ESPN. You can listen to the entire podcast here.

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