The Rhodes brothers believe they have an advantage over the Young Bucks, heading into Saturday night’s highly anticipated main event at AEW Fight for the Fallen, where the two sibling tag teams will collide for the first time ever.

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On the latest episode of Road to Fight for the Fallen, Cody and Dustin sat down to discuss their history together as a tag team, dating back to their time spent in WWE. A brief reminder that the brothers Rhodes have actually won the WWE Tag Team Championships on two separate occasions. Here’s what the “American Nightmare” had to say:

Cody: “I love Matt and Nick, and this is a friendly outing…”

Dustin: “We were the first team to beat The Shield. So they weren’t watching that? They didn’t see that, or is that just bulls**t?”

Cody: “They weren’t watching, or pretending they weren’t watching. However, I was watching BOLA, the Briscoes, Ladder Wars, the Motor City Machine Guns, and the silly ass trampoline wrestling that Dragon Gate does. I was watching all of that. I think me being so familiar with them, they’re at a complete disadvantage. If you check social media, they’re flirting with the Usos regularly – we beat the Usos’ ass for like two years straight. I think they’re at the disadvantage. I think ‘The Elite’ fans will absolutely think we’re some kind of odd-man pairing, but it isn’t. We were a great tag team. Put your nose down at us because we were on TV and making money? Screw that. I’m maybe a little more mad about it than I thought…”