FITE TV COO Michael Weber recently appeared on the Wrestling Inc. Daily to talk about AEW’s numbers overs seas. Weber states that the number of fans in Europe, who are only able to view AEW programming through FITE, have proved themselves as a dedicated fan-base. He even mentions a large portion watching the events live, which is staggering considering the super early morning hours the shows air.

We offer a subscription called AEW Plus that’s not available in the US, Canada, Germany or France but is available in the rest of the world. It’s been bought in over 100 countries and initially the interest was very encouraging and it’s had a steady climb. I would say it’s not a rocket ship but it’s a steady climb with no fall off. What gets me is that I get the numbers of people watching it live and it’s quite staggering how many people are watching it live from Europe which is early in the morning. They have a strong and loyal following. The last PPV event, Revolution, was the highest-purchased event out of the six shows we’ve done with them. They’re doing everything right at the moment. It looks really good and we’re excited to see that.

Weber also addresses FITE’s deal with NJPW, and predicts that they will be back up and running from the Coronavirus pandemic by the end of April.

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I have a feeling they might be back at the end of April. I’m positive they’re gonna be back before the US is. They put a great program together and it might be one of those silver linings. We’ve got some stuff we’ve been working on too out of the box as we’re looking for music opportunities on our platform as we know musicians aren’t playing either at venues. So, they’re looking for a place.

Check out the full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)