Today, WWE NXT Superstar, Drew McIntyre is set to be inducted into Insane Championship Wrestling’s Hall Of Fame as the former NXT Champion makes his return to the Scottish company.

Ahead of his induction, McIntyre spoke with Sports Bible about the honor and how the company has grown. Below are some highlights from the interview with a h/t to Sports Bible for the transcriptions.

McIntyre On His HOF Induction

“It’s crazy, the idea I’m going into the ICW hall of fame, with everything that ICW had achieved is pretty incredible. For a start I’m 32 and going into a hall of fame, that’s pretty mental.

“But when you break it down and put it into perspective there wasn’t any Scottish wrestling scene when I started wrestling, aged 15, 17 years ago, Mark Dallas was the first guy I met in the whole of professional wrestling. He told me he wanted to be a promoter one day, I told him I wanted to be in the WWE one day. And that was the first guy I met and we had big dreams, there was nothing and we started the scene back then.”

ICW Growing As A Company

“He started ICW, I was the first champion, I left, the BBC documentary came around and it started taking off. There was 1500 people when I made my return, we all worked together and we all busted our arses and we built that number from 1500 to over 6000 for the biggest indie show of all time.”

Update On His Injury

I’m feeling good. I’ll say this much; the fans that are there on the night, there’s limited tickets still left. This is my first public appearance so when everybody sees me they can judge for themselves if they think I’m ready to be back in the ring because I’ve got my sights set on the world.”

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