— This week’s ECW on Sci-Fi drew a 1.4 rating – the same number the show did last week. WWE has hoping for a better number since Ric Flair was hyped for the show and he’s typically a ratings draw.

— Tammy Sytch will be appearing at this Saturday’s ROH event at the Manhattan Center in New York City.

— ROH’s Gabe Sapolsky wrote the following comments about TNA running opposite ROH this weekend in New York City:

“As if having the anniversary at the Manhattan Center wasn’t enough motivation, I have to admit that there is another one. We are well aware of some competition in NYC. To paraphrase Jimmy Rollins, we will be the show to beat. We will have the best and most newsworthy show in Manhattan and Long Island. NYC will be hot this weekend, Orlando will be a battleground at the end of March. The winners in all this will be the fans as there is nothing like some competition to light a fire under everyone’s ass. I’m not saying a late 90s style wrestling war is about to start. I’m just saying that ROH is going to prove why you all feel that ROH is the best product out there today. No one is going to show us up.”

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