Chavo Guerrero had his second chance against ECW Champion CM Punk this week, but Guerrero was not able to earn an opportunity at an ECW Title Match when he was disqualified. As WWE Mobile on AT&T subscribers have already seen, Guerrero challenged Punk to a third match on next week’s ECW. Will Guerrero finally get his chance at an opportunity to fight Punk for his ECW Championship, or will it be three strikes, you’re out?

Also on Tuesday’s ECW, World Heavyweight Champion Edge will host a special Cutting Edge. What does the Ultimate Opportunist have in store for those in the Land of the Extreme?

Last Tuesday, Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore lost the 15 Minutes of Fame Tag Team Championship Match to The Miz & John Morrison. The WWE Tag Team Champions retain their gold, but is this the last they’ll see of Yang & Moore?

Also last week, the rivalry between Kelly Kelly and Layla was interrupted when newcomer Lena Yada entered herself into the Diva Dance Off. Much to the shock of Kelly and Layla, Lena declared herself the winner. What does this 2007 Diva Search contestant have in store for the Divas of ECW?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi, Tuesday at 10/9 CT. Also, be sure to catch ECW in its entirety every week on, available from Wednesday to the following Monday afternoon.

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