One of the most exciting developments in the road and tri-bike world has potentially been announced at Eurobike 2016, via renowned bike brand Argon 18. 


With a working title of ‘Smartbike’, the system can connect numerous sensors to the rider to give a huge amount of information about position.

The data can be downloaded and your optimal aerodynamic position on the bike determined: this can then be used to actually fine-tune your position while riding to make it the most aerodynamic, in effect replicating wind tunnel data in real-time. Though developer Marc Graveline says this in no way negates the importance of bike fit (more so that Smartbike is designed to be an extension of a bike fit to further fine-tune your own body’s position on the bike) it does mean that data you could only gather in a wind tunnel can be accessible to the public. Smartbike can also calculate other metrics not relating to aerodynamics, including heart rate variability, lactic acid build-up and body temperature. 

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