As the temperature across Canada continues to drop as we approach the winter months, one man in Saskatoon took it upon himself to show Canadians how effective face masks can be at preventing respiratory particles from spreading with a simple demonstration.

Michael Becker recorded a video of himself breathing while sitting in his truck. Since the weather is so cold, his breath is visible in the air, making it easy to see the stark contrast between wearing a mask and forgoing one.

“I noticed how well my breath was showing up while inside that truck. I figured it was a perfect way to show how air moves with a mask both on and off,” he told HuffPost Canada.

When Becker exhales without a mask, his breath can be seen spread far in front of him. With the mask? Only hints of his exhale escape. 

Health Canada recommends Canadians wear 3-layer non-medical masks, social distance, and wash their hands often to curb the spread of COVID-19.


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