— The Glamazon~True Uber Diva sent in the following… After the Undertaker v.Edge Match..They lit up the fireworks like they always do and when the fireworks were heading from the top of the Citrus Bowl to the WM Set they malfunctioned and landed on the fans…i was right next to one of the guys who got hit and he caught fire!!For those of you who went you might of seen it and people will probably be calling their lawyers!!It was really scary! Tonight’s edition of the Live Audio Wrestling radio show was also talking about this incident.

— Here’s another report on the situation, courtesy of ProWrestling.NET. They are also claiming that some sort of fireworks accident occurred at the end of the show. EMTs were reportedly called to the scene. One witness account is saying that a fireworks line broke and the spinning fireworks landed on some fans in the upper deck.

— Word has it that Steve Austin and Kevin Nash sat in the McMahon family luxury box at WrestleMania 24, reports ProWrestling.NET. Nash has been hanging out with his friends from WWE all weekend during their stay in Orlando. Nash’s friendship with WWE head honcho Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels landed him a spot on their guest list.

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