Mike Kanellis has been taking out his frustrations on Drake Maverick for months now, but up until now the 205 Live General Manager has been able to remain composed and professional. You know, when he’s not busy chasing the WWE 24/7 Championship like a total madman.

Things finally hit a boiling point for Mr. Maverick this Tuesday night on 205 Live, during yet another verbal rampage from Kanellis – whose character has been dealing with his own very public marital issues recently.

After Mike took one too many shots at Maverick and his wife, after he lost the 24/7 Championship on Monday Night Raw, the normally calm and collective General Manager finally snapped. Drake dropped the loud-mouth bully with a surprise right hook and a well-placed dropkick.

Will this finally lead to Drake Maverick’s proper in-ring singles debut for WWE?

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