Rumors circulated Thursday that WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco had passed away after suffering a mild stroke recently. Jim Ross has confirmed the rumor as a hoax.

“Just talked to Jerry Brisco and he is ALIVE and doing well,” he wrote on Twitter.

Diamond Dallas Page believed the rumor to be true as he offered condolences on Twitter.

DDP wrote, “Gerald Brisco was a Great Wtestler! A Great TV character but most of a Great Man! And he will be Extremely missed! RIP Brother!”

He later clarified his remarks, writing, “Just found out Gerry is Alive and well! Thank God! Damn some times I hate the twitter thing.”

Page’s statement upset Brisco and members of his family.

Brisco wrote on Facebook, “I’m well enough to kick DDP butt for putting this out there and upsetting my family.”

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