Is it cold in here or is it just him? An all new edition of Ray “Glacier” Lloyd’s audio show, Breaking The Ice”, with James Guttman returns and this one hour edition is full of topics including advice from stars like Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat, WWE’s issues with the Glacier gimmick, lost babyface in-ring spots, thanking Tommy Rich on Facebook,, and tons more.

One topic that’s been all over the Internet is WWE’s “Turkey List”. The company website listed what it felt were the biggest in-ring “turkeys” from their past. Many included on the list (former guests Kizarny and Big Vito) were offended by their inclusion and it made James Guttman think of Glacier. A few weeks back, their site posted a list of forgettable WCW gimmicks – using Ray’s image as the main picture. When Guttman told Lloyd about it, he laughed and took it in stride. As JG points out, it was a really positive response and indicative of the way Ray lives his life. As Glacier explains, it’s the only way to deal with things like this.

“Honestly, James, it’s like you said. Everything in the wrestling business that’s pretty much put out there in the public, you have to take tongue-in-cheek. You really do. Everybody in the wrestling business is basically a larger than life character. I think sometimes people forget that we’re characters. I tell people all the time – and I mean this with all sincerity – I know the guys on that list feel the same way I do. When they develop their gimmick for wrestling, it’s something they really believe in. I really believe that when someone grabs onto a gimmick and they run with it, no matter how much success they have on a regional or national scale, that gimmick doesn’t fall too far from who they are. “

Glacier goes on to discuss what goes into putting those lists together and how it can make people paranoid of the whole company, when it might just be a few people behind it. As Ray tells listeners, while he wasn’t personally offended by WWE taking shots at him, he could see where others might be.

“I look at myself as a prime example. I always tell people, I didn’t become Glacier. Glacier became me… A lot of who Glacier was is who I am. Maybe he was an exaggerated version of that, but he still was. I always say, Flair and Dusty are those guys 24 hours a day. But when they’re out in front of a crowd, they’re the same people just with the volume turned up. I’m sure these guys feel the same way.”

Long time listeners of Ray’s audio know that he puts a positive spin on anything that comes his way. He then offers some advice to those bothered by WWE’s cheap shots and gives yet another example of a time when they did it to him.

“As long as they’re talking about you, it’s not all bad. (laughs) They’re making space in their magazine or on their website or whatever to talk about you. Let’s face it. If they really wanted to bash anybody in wrestling – whether WWE, TNA, Impact, or whatever – they could launch a vicious assault if they wanted to, whether true or not. I think you and I were talking about this a while back. Someone called me one time. I think it was two or three years ago. There was a WrestleMania edition of WWE Magazine and for a while they did a section in the magazine where they dedicated anywhere from a quarter to a half page to this thing called “Oh No You Didn’t!” It was about gimmicks in wrestling they look back on now and whoever was writing the article thought that the gimmick was more than outrageous or somewhat silly or whatever. I was in the pre-WrestleMania edition. A whole quarter page picture of me with the full gear. Now granted, I’ll be the first to admit. My original costume, well, it was a little bit out there. (laughs)…The guy called me and goes, “You’ve got to be really ticked off about that.” I was like, “Ticked off? Are you kidding me? If they dedicated a full quarter page of the Wrestlemania edition to the Glacier gimmick, then what’s wrong with that?” I get a little laugh out of it. The fans do. My advice to any wrestler included on a list of something like that is that your fans will always be your fans. Something like that’s not going to turn the fans against you.”

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