There was an incident two weekends ago where Hernandez gave indy wrestler Kirby Mack a border toss in a match on an indy show and collapsed his lung. Mack was hospitalized and will make a full recovery but was angry, as was promoter Thomas Simpson.

In an interview with Mike Mooneyham he said, “In my 15 years of promoting and having ordered some fairly unprofessional things in the ring, I have never, ever witnessed anything more unprofessional than the way LAX, particularly Hernandez, acted toward the boys. Hernandez didn’t even have the decency to come over to the boys and ask how they were doing after the match. They think, because they work for TNA, that they’re wrestling stars. They thought just because they had wrestled Kirby and T.J. on television, that they weren’t on their level. They didn’t want to make Kirby and T.J. look good and didn’t want to treat them as equals. But that’s just their mentality. That upset T.J. and Kirby more than any stiff (stuff), because they like to work stiff too. It was the lack of respect. Kirby and T.J. are used to dealing with real superstars who treat them as equals. They were jumping and beating up on Kirby and T.J. and wouldn’t sell for them. Homicide was supposed to take the up-and-over backcracker thing, and he just let Kirby hit the mat. Hernandez used the Border Toss thing on Kirby, and he had hit T.J. so hard it left a purple welp on his back. T.J. said that was the hardest he had ever been hit. He said there was no way he could go over and tag Kirby because he was hurting so bad. It was absolutely, positively insane.” Simpson did put over Homicide, saying at least he came over to check on the guys after the match. Hernandez just started changing into his street clothes. He said Kirby was never going to work with LAX again, and Daffney of WCW was bawling backstage afterwards. “She was so upset after the match about how Kirby and T.J. had been treated. She was back there crying. She said it was the most unprofessional thing she had ever seen. And considering the fact that she worked for WCW, that covers a lot of ground.”

Hernandez’s partner Homicide responded with the following on his MySpace page: “I am sad to hear that Kirby ‘Krazy K’ Mack was injured in the match, but the truth was he was injured before the match. We were told after the match that he wrestled this match with an injury. I understand you have to feed your family & put food on the table, but why wrestle with an injury if you know the end result will be you making your injury worse? Also the ‘Border Toss’ is not some sort of death finisher and Hernandez was not out there to hurt anyone intentionally. I hope that Kirby heals up and that he and his partner get a contract some day and become stars. Myself & Hernandez have no personal animosity for the Mack team and wish them well.”

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