TNA star Hulk Hogan is back in the hospital today for his chronic back pain and is having an “electrical spinal cord stimulator” installed in his back. Hogan calls the procedure a “make it or break it Hail Mary” and is praying it works. Hogan wrote on

“Going for the make it or break it hail Mary.at4:00pm having an electrical spinal cord stimulator inserted for a test run,praying it works.”

“[I’ve] had 6 small back surgeries,everything was fine,then for 4hrs I was picking up shells on the beach,my back blewout”

“I’m sick of being down and I’m sick of all these heavy pain pills,dog I’m gonna kick out”

“You guys really gave me a shot in the arm that I needed,thank u for all the love,support,positive vibes right now,believe me it really helps”

“I’m gonna shave,jump in the shower,get totally clean right now,because after the procedure it will be hard to shower with the wires hanging out of my back.I’m praying when this works,a couple days later they can implant the machine permanently.I’ll keep u guys updated as soon as I get off the operating table and let u know if it is working.then well have fun and I’ll try to gross u out with some good pictures.”

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