Impact Wrestling Results
December 10, 2019
Melrose Ballroom, New York

Old School Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino

Van Dam came out with Katie Forbes, who made out with him and grinding all over him for fun. Rhino got in a few shots at the start, delivering shoulders in the corner, but Van Dam drove him into the barricade several times before making out with his girlfriend again. Rhino gets a hold of a mop and chokes his opponent, before sending him into a chair throat-first. He grabs the chair and starts pressing it into Van Dam’s throat, lines up for a spear… and gets hit in the junk.

RVD asks the fans if they want to see a VanDaminator, but threw the chair down when they started to cheer. The fans wanted Rolling Thunder, but again he refused to do it and told the fans where they could stick their chants. Van Dam rushed the corner but Rhino scooped him up in a powerbomb, driving him down on top of a chair. We have a table! Rhino brought it back into the ring but RVD caught him with a chair. They slugged each other back and forth, and Rhino got the better of the exchange with a big headbutt. The table got set up in the corner.

Van Dam heads to the corner and tries for a split-leg moonsault, but crashes and burns. He’s slow to get up, and turns around into a massive GORE through the table in the corner! 1…2… Forbes pulls Tommy Dreamer out of the ring, and drops him with a clothesline. Rhino tries to go after her but eats a kick from Van Dam. He goes to the top again, connects with the Five Star Frog Splash, and scores the win.

Winner Rob Van Dam

After the match, Van Dam and Forbes make out in the ring with a gratuitous amount of tongue, while she shakes her ass. Dreamer reluctantly shook his hand, with a disappointed look on his face, but RVD dropped him with a superkick.

oVe Cam

Sami Callihan talks about his upcoming Impact World Championship match against Tessa Blanchard. They are doing Pick Your Poison matches, and tonight he gets to pick Blanchard’s opponent. He choses his monster, Madman Fulton, and says he’s going to let him do whatever the hell he wants to do to her. No chains, no collar, no restrictions. As for Dave and Jake, they are going to win the Tag Team Open and go on to win back the Impact World Tag Team Championships, bringing the belts back to oVe. Excellent promo from the champ.

Ace Romero vs. Moose

Moose hit a few shoulder tackles but couldn’t take the big man down. Romero sent him FLYING with a simple toss, and Moose looked absolutely shocked. He charged, but Romero threw him to the outside with ease, then followed with a massive dive through the ropes! After a commercial, Acey hit a few big shoulders, Moose fired back with some of his own, and a brawl broke out. Romero flatted his opponent with a running crossbody, followed by a spinebuster for two. He slowly climbed to the second rope, but Moose popped back up and hit an Avalanche Go To Hell! 1…2… NO!

The two bohemoths started trading massive chops, back and forth, with everything left in the tank. Moose poked the eyes just to be a dick, but Romero slapped him across the face and sent him soaring with The Pounce! Both men are down, and they are down hard. The referee begins his count and they both get up around 8, before Ace hits a huge lariat. Moose refuses to stay down, and Romero motions for the finish, but he gets caught with a giant spear. 1…2…3. That was a tremendous big-man match.

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Winner: Moose


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