Sky Bet has released early betting odds for the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble winner, and they are as follows:

The Rock (2/1)Daniel Bryan (6/1)Seth Rollins (8/1)Braun Strowman (9/1)Finn Balor (12/1), John Cena (12/1), and Roman Reigns (12/1)

The Rock being favored to win the WWE Royal Rumble likely has something to do with recent reports that The People’s Champ has expressed interest in wrestling at WrestleMania 35.

Back in April of this year, The Rock spoke with KISS FM UK to promote his movie “Rampage”, and during the interview, The Rock revealed he was in talks with WWE about competing at WrestleMania 34 as Ronda Rousey’s tag team partner.

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“Matter of fact, Vince McMahon and I were talking about two months ago trying to figure out what I was going to do if I went back to WrestleMania,” said The Rock. “He pitched me this really great idea that I’d get involved in a tag match with Ronda Rousey who is, of course, incredible and I’m very proud of her. We couldn’t make it work this time because I was in Shanghai. But, Who knows down the line?”

After the July 30th episode of WWE Raw, Dave Meltzer offered the following on why Elias made mention of The Rock’s name on WWE TV, and why the Raw star continues to call out The Rock in media interviews:

“I don’t think [Elias] said The Rock for no reason. I think that might be the idea that they’re building towards. It’s good for him. For him to be in a match with The Rock, that’s a positive.” Meltzer furthered that The Rock does not want to come back to do an “average match”, so the bout will have to be a PPV length match.”

Source :

Sky Bet