With a million dollars up for grabs, Spain’s Javier Gomez has revealed that he wants to race all three races in the Challenge Triple Crown this year, in addition to defending his WTS title – but not the 70.3 Worlds. 


Speaking to 220 from the Canary Islands where he’s been training for this weekend’s Challenge Dubai, Gomez said that he does plan to race the Bahrain and Oman instalments of the recently announced Triple Crown series.

“That’s the idea. We’ll see how the first one goes but… Yeah, I’d like to do the three of them. I know it’s gonna be a long year but I always like new challenges and to do different things, not only the ITU Series. I know next year I’m going to be focused just on the Olympic Games and I won’t have much time to do this kind of racing so yeah, I’m just hoping to enjoy this year.”

ITU plans

Asked by 220 whether this means he’s decided his schedule for this year’s WTS races, he said that he will definitely do the first four – Abu Dhabi (7 March), Auckland (29 March), Gold Coast (11 April) and Cape Town (26 April) – and the last two, Edmonton and the Grand Final in Chicago.

“It depends on the results because I’ll probably miss Yokohama and then do London but I’m not sure. It depends how the first four go and then how I’m doing but definitely the last two, Edmonton and the Grand Final [Chicago], but in between I’m not sure.

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