Not content with moving location up to Derby to fit more people in, the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon will be offering a £7,000 prize purse this year, with a grand each on the table for the male and female winner.


The remaining £9,000 will be shared out down to 10th place, split evenly between the male and female athletes. This makes it one of the biggest prizes in UK sprint triathlon, and again gives athletes the chance to race against 2009 Formula 1 World Champion Jenson.

The prize money will be distributed to male and female athletes as follows:

1: £1,000
2: £800
3: £600
4: £400
5: £200
6: £175
7: £150
8: £100
9: £75
10: Sponsor Prize TBA

The race will be held at Markeaton Park in Derby on Sunday 12 July, with the preliminary heat involving a 200m lake swim in Markeaton Park, followed by an 11km cycle around the surrounding roads, then back to Markeaton for the 2.5km run.