WWE Hall of Famer Edge returned to Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast this week for the second part of their interview. During the show, the two revealed some interesting news about the year John Cena squashed Nexus at SummerSlam. The original plans called for the match to come down to Edge and Jericho vs. Nexus, however, John Cena squashed the idea and decided to he would be the last man standing, taking out both Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel. Cena would later regret the decision.

Chris Jericho: “It was Team WWE vs. Team Nexus, and the finish boiled down to [Edge] and [Jericho] in there, but it was Cena against a couple of them. John wanted to do things a certain way and we told him ‘you’re wrong’. He did it anyways, and it sucked. And then after he came over to us and said ‘I should have listened to you, but I wasn’t seeing it that way.'”

Edge: “I remember. I was like, fine I’m out of the match by that point.”

Chris Jericho: “He wanted to get DDT’d on the floor by Barrett, then kick out and beat them both. And you and I were like, that’s the dumbest thing. That’s just throwing it away for no reason.”

Edge: “They should have gone over because they were so hot.”

Chris Jericho: “We were fighting for Barrett to go over. And where’s Wade Barrett now?”

Edge also spoke out about why he was successful the first time he won the WWE Championship from John Cena, and how Vince McMahon played a big role in that success.

“I had Vince on my side. Vince was the only guy who believed I could break through … The week before New Year’s Revolution I said ‘Vince I got an idea. I’m a heel. I’m probably the most despised guy in the company. If I cash this thing in after I’ve held it for ten months, in a straight-up match, that’s really stupid on my part, as a character. I can cash it in whenever. Why wouldn’t I do it after the Elimination Chamber?” … “I get there and Vince says, ‘prove me right.’ You can see when I hand that briefcase over to him, he says ‘prove me right’. They were only gonna give me three weeks. But in those three weeks I did everything I could to make them change their mind. 25 million hits on WWE.com the night I won the title. Big ratings.”

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