Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega will be squaring off for the first time at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 event in January. This comes after weeks of building the match up on social media. Jericho recently appeared on Jim Ross’ Ross Report podcast to discuss the upcoming match. He revealed during the interview that he has never actually seen a Kenny Omega match before. Jericho promised that he would start watching his matches soon before putting together ideas for their upcoming match. Jericho is not concerned with being able to keep up with Omega’s in-ring style and he believes that they will have a fantastic match together.
After WWE announced that Emma had been released from her contract, she received a tremendous amount of support online. She was reportedly in discussions with Stardom in Japan, but those negotiations fell through when she asked to be paid $2000 per appearance and be granted full creative control of her character. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has clarified some of these claims. Emma apparently asked for $1500 per appearance in North America and $2000 when she appears overseas. Emma is also reportedly bargaining for the choice to approve her opponents and the finish to her matches, but this is a usual demand for top independent wrestlers.
Fans were shocked when William Regal announced on NXT that the old WarGames match from WCW would be returning at Takeover. The rules for the match have been altered a bit, which has caused some skepticism from fans. Triple H recently confirmed that another change will be made to the match: the cage will not have a roof. He confirmed this during a recent conference call wherein he discussed the upcoming NXT event. Triple H explained that the small changes made to the WarGames match were done as a way to evolve the match since it’s been gone for 20 years, and because it was seen as limiting to the current generation of wrestlers.

HHH confirms there won’t be a roof on the War Games cage. Style has changed, mentions possibility to do moves off cage or other things. Doesn’t think they’ve changed the concept. ^JC
— Wrestling Observer (@WONF4W) November 16, 2017

HHH confirms there WILL BE NO ROOF AT WAR GAMES. Says it’s limiting and style has changed in War Games. Laughs says Arn Anderson wasn’t doing moonsaults off the too of cage
— Justin LaBar (@JustinLaBar) November 16, 2017

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