AEW commentator, Jim Ross recently addressed people being critical of his work during the latest Grilling JR podcast, admitting it is disheartening.

Jim Ross spoke about how he thinks the critics are coming from a young audience:

“You know, there’s a young audience that that’s criticizing my work and I don’t have a problem with anybody criticizing my work. Everybody’s opinions as good as the next guy.”

He went on to say how it can be a little disheartening to hear critics, but he doesn’t plan on retiring or stopping anytime soon:

“When you work your ass off for 40 effing years, in the business that you love and you’re still trying to do it… it’s a little disheartening when people that don’t know your work or know how hard it is to do this work are cutting and coring you, it’s just not a fun thing. But I’ve got to get past that. I’m too damned old to worry about it. And I can only do my best. If you don’t like my work, folks, don’t listen to it. That’s all I can tell you. Move to God damn television. Hell, I don’t what you’re gonna say, ’cause I ain’t quittin’, I ain’t retiring and I’m not going to leave my spot. And I think most people agree that’s the way to do it.”

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Grilling JR

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