The following are highlights of a new blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On his upcoming MMA broadcasting debut: “In my spare, time I am doing research on my first MMA play by play assignment which will be next Friday October 3 from Tulsa and on PPV produced by Battle Ground MMA where I will partner with Chael Sonnen on the broadcast that features the return of the one night, 8 Man Single Elimination Tournament with the winner earning 50K. This event is being carried by many major cable systems and I hope that you will give us a shot on what will be an unpredictable, exciting. night. This is going to be a down and dirty night of fights in the cage That begins at 10 eastern/9 Central time.

I have many, great friends in the MMA world helping me prepare for this long awaiting, eagerly anticipated opportunity.”

On a new trend in main event matches in wrestling: “What started the trend that it takes a main event level talent using their finish MULTIPLE times on another top hand to win a match? Why is that lame trend on going? If one has to use their vaunted finish multiple times to beat another talent then is is really one’s finish?

If the in ring psychology was more refined and made more common sense, we wouldn’t be seeing someone have to take another’s go to finish multiple times to lose. For those who think that matter helps a match then they are out of touch with the genre. It’s all about protecting the loser obviously instead of it being all about getting the winner truly over.”

On Sting to WWE debates: “Is there really a debate that Sting should or should not compete at WM31? Really? Seems like a no brainer to me. The second part of our Sting conversation on the Ross Report had approximately 1.5M downloads and that number is still growing. That specific market research says there is an interest in WWE fans wanting to see the Stinger have his WrestleMania Moment. I see the WM31 card being an ensemble type show and any one who thinks that Sting can’t contribute to that ensemble is out of touch.”

On Brock Lesnar/HIAC rumors: “Some are saying that no Brock Lesnar at this year’s HIAC in Dallas? That’s the rumor and a head scratcher.”

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