WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his official blog at JRsBarBQ.com on Wednesday with his thoughts on a number of current topics. Below are some of the highlights.

On WWE appointing commissioners and GM’s for RAW and SmackDown:

Good to see WWE tweaking the authority figure presentation on RAW and Smackdown starting with next week’s WWE Draft. The presentation is in need of a ‘new coat of paint’ and this is good timing IMO. Curious to see who is cast as the new, figure heads and how they interact with the talents and into the new, storylines.”

On WWE’s handling of Brock Lesnar mentions on RAW after his UFC 200 win:

“Thought that WWE could have provided more content on Brock Lesnar and his victory at UFC 200 especially leading into Lesnar wresting at Summer Slam. Feels like it might have been a missed opportunity not to exploit WWE’s biggest star.”

On the WWE Draft drawing closer:

“The upcoming WWE Draft and band separation/talent redistribution is drawing near and, as I have predicted, this exercise, of which I am optimistic about, will likely be heavily second guessed by many hard core pro wrestling fans just because it is seemingly many fan’s favorite pro wrestling experience these days.

I jest, somewhat, but you get the point. WWE will likely be ‘damned if they do’ and ‘damned if they don’t’ regarding this major development that could potentially be one of the most dynamic developments in WWE in years. I think the brand separation jury will be out until Orlando in April and I’m patient enough to give it that long before I pull my soap box and “judge” it.

Hopefully, the talents will realize how important an opportunity that this brand separation is as it will provide many with new, TV minutes that they can maximize and turn into cash if they’re on their game.”

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