Image: Jimmy Jacobs

Playing off of his firing from WWE, Jimmy Jacobs made an appearance at last night’s Ring of Honor Global Wars: Chicago iPPV and took another picture with the Bullet Club.

Bullet Club were in the ring celebrating and cutting a promo after Kenny Omega successfully defended his IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship against YOSHI-HASHI in the main event. The bit was that they wanted to take a selfie together, but no one had a phone on them. Bullet Club asked if anyone in the audience had one, leading to them pointing out Jacobs in the crowd and taking the picture.

Nick Jackson then grabbed the microphone to say, “Sorry we got your ass fired, Jimmy.”

Dave Meltzer confirmed last week that Jacobs, who had been working as a writer, was no longer with WWE and that the picture he posted with Bullet Club from their “invasion” of Raw was the reason that ultimately led to him being let go. When the news got out, Jacobs put out a T-shirt that referenced his firing.

The picture wasn’t the first time that Bullet Club mentioned WWE last night. Cody Rhodes opened the show with a promo where he took a shot at Roman Reigns, saying that he thought Reigns only wore a vest to hide his gut and failed drug test — but he’s really hiding envy. That was in response to Reigns tweeting that Cody was “talking silly” in a promo where he claimed to be the biggest draw in pro wrestling.