Samoa Joe recently spoke with The Tacoma News Tribune and gave props to Dean Ambrose when asked about Ambrose’s upcoming WWE departure in April, as seen below:
“Dean’s a fantastic performer and there’s no doubt about it. Me saying that is like saying the sky is blue. As far as his departure, I think Dean’s the type of cat that he wants to do things that he’s into and if he’s not into what he’s doing at a certain time then he’ll have no problem stepping away and pursuing other things,” Joe said. “If that’s the case then cool, more power to him. I think there are so many people who are wrapped up in the needs and wants of wanting to become a WWE superstar that they forget sometimes there other goals they want to achieve. I think Dean is a goal-oriented person and when he gets a goal in mind he’s going to try and accomplish it, more power to him. He will be missed.”
Joe was also asked about the new WWE Title belt introduced by Daniel Bryan. Joe wouldn’t knock Bryan for being passionate about the environment, but he did say that the new design is a bit ridiculous, as seen below:
“Daniel’s very, very passionate about the environment and I don’t knock the guy for it,” Joe said. “We’ve got a beautiful planet and we should take care of it. That being said, it’s a bit ridiculous and it has more to do with his ego more than anything.”
Regarding Becky Lynch, Joe said that “The Man” finally decided she is going to believe in herself like never before, as seen below:
“Here’s the difference between Becky Lynch now and Becky Lynch from a few years ago: Becky Lynch finally decided she’s going to believe in herself. She did obviously to a certain extent before but for her, the belief in herself and the belief in her abilities,” Joe said. “She goes out there and takes control and it goes back to her just simply believing in herself. She’s always been capable of incredible things and she’s riding this wave better than she could’ve hoped for. She’s tune-in television, the locker room is watching her and so is the world.”

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