Yesterday it was revealed that the WWE NXT UK talents have been offered new, more restrictive contracts, and Jordan Devlin made a statement about it.

The new contracts are set to restrict the NXT UK talents from where they can compete, with wrestlers only allowed to work for certain company’s who have partnerships with WWE such as PROGRESS Wrestling and ICW.

Wrestlers who have signed the deal are allowed to work out the rest of the year with dates that they have already agreed upon, but a medic must be involved and they are not allowed to wrestle against talent from New Japan or Ring Of Honor.

Not every wrestler has signed the contract so far and one name who might not have done was Jordan Devlin as he posted a tweet to clarify that he will not be leaving his home promotion of OTT Wrestling. Devlin tweeted to say he couldn’t call himself the Irish Ace if he wasn’t allowed to wrestle for OTT, adding that he is there to stay.

It is unknown what this means for his NXT UK future, but two talents who have certainly signed deals are Ligero and Xia Brookside. Ligero posted that he will be fulfilling the rest of his dates for the month but that will be the end, whilst Wrestle Gate confirmed that Brookside’s next appearance will be her last for the company.

To clear up any confusion, I will still be honouring my independent bookings in December. Anywhere that I’m advertised to appear over the next 4 weeks I still will be, and I’ve been very well accommodated to do so.

— El Ligero (@Ligero1) November 27, 2018

I'd hardly be able to call myself the Irish Ace if I wasn't allowed wrestle in my home, for MY people. @OTT_wrestling, The Import Killer is here to stay. 🇮🇪💚

— Jordan Devlin (@Jordan_Devlin1) November 26, 2018

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